Class Allocation 2017.18 - School Re-opens

Current Pupils - NEW CLASS ALLOCATION 2017/18 based on 2016/17 classes

To find out which class your son should line up with tomorrow, please check below.

Your son's 2016/17 teacher is listed on the left and his new teacher 2017/18 on the right. 



Second Class pupils : Your son will be in Ms Mc Elvaney's or Ms Askin's class. You will be advised of the class on Wednesday morning.

New Enrolments - all other classes - please wait in computer room.

        2016/2017                                                      2017/2018  

                                              THIRD CLASS                                           

Rang II Ms Mc Elvaney          Transfer to        Rang III Ms Mc Gonigle

Rang II Ms Askin                   Transfer  to       Rang III Ms Beagan


                                               FOURTH CLASS    

Rang III Ms Martin                 Transfer to      Rang IV  Ms Ward  

Rang III Ms Deery                  Transfer to      Rang IV  Ms Mc Phillips


                                          FIFTH CLASS    

Rang IV Mr Grundy            Transfer to             Rang V  Ms Mc Ginn 

Rang IV Ms Ward              Transfer to              Rang V  Ms Deery              


                                           SIXTH CLASS    

Rang V Ms Mc Phillips       Transfer to             Rang VI Ms Martin

Rang V Ms Mc Ginn            Transfer to             Rang VI Ms Whelan



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