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One of Bishop James Donnelly's first acts after becoming bishop of Clogher in 1865 was to invite the Irish Christian Brothers to set up a school in Monaghan. After repeated requests his wish was granted and on 1st July 1867 the first community of brothers arrived in Monaghan. They were Brothers Francis Clarke, superior; Mathew Reddington, and John Carley. They opened a primary school near the convent on 4 July 1867. The brothers quickly won the affection of the people of Monaghan because of the hard work they put into their venture and the results which they accomplished.

In 1901 they purchased the site at St.Mary's Hill, former seat of the Collegiate School. An agricultural college was conducted in part of the building until it collapsed in 1908 owing to the withdrawl of the government grant. The brothers used the vacated building to establish a secondary school for boys. Many of the town's most distinguished citizens were educated at this school. In the 1960s the numbers at this school increased considerably and new buildings were added in 1968. When Secondary education was made free,the Christian Brothers were given their own catchment area like the other schools in the county.

(Extract from The Monaghan Story)

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