Gathering Brock

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I wonder if there are any pigs reared in the backyards in the town today? There was a time when many people in nearly every street kept pigs at the backs of their houses. There was a pig market once a month in Old Cross Square. The people built little sheds to rear the pigs in. The sheds were usually tarred on the outside to make them waterproof. The tar for this job came from the Gashouse, down the canal bank.

Outside the shed was a wooden paling, so that the pigs could come out into the fresh air to be fed and they could not run away. The normal practice at that time was to feed the pigs with "brock". This was scraps of food which was kept separate from the rubbish of the household. It was laid aside in a bucket until the brockman called for it. This was usually on a daily basis. You would see the person collecting the "brock" going from house to house with a bucket or a barrow. It was a good way of getting free food for the pigs, and it was also good to know that the scraps of food were not wasted.

(Extract from Monaghan Images)

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