The Harbour in Monaghan

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If you were asked where the harbour in Monaghan was, how would you answer? A town need not be at the sea to have a harbour.

The remains of the Ulster Canal can still be seen in the town. Part of it can be seen behind the Mall Road houses and inside the gates of the Convent. As you go out to Mullaghmatt, if you look over the bridge, you will see the Ulster Canal.

At one time this was a busy waterway which carried goods from Belfast to Monaghan. The boats brought loads of coal, wood, metal and other goods. There were locks on the canal. It is interesting to study how these locks worked. They were necessary to raise and lower the water level when a boat came to higher or lower ground in the course of the canal.

The harbour was built just like any other you would see. There was a place to dock the boats for unloading, and many vessels could be seen tied up along the harbour wall.

Farther along the canal and under another bridge, which is now gone, boats unloaded at the stores. These stores are still to be seen in the convent grounds and were converted into a modern gym for the school.

(Extract from Monaghan Images)

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