The Jail Hill

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The Jail Hill is now known as High Street. It goes up past the hospital. It was called Jail Hill because the County Jail stood on the site where the General Hospital is now.

This jail was built in 1778. Before that date the jail was where the courthouse is now.

When there was a need for a hospital in Monaghan, the jail, which was not in use anymore, was used as a County Hospital. So the hospital is where the old jail had been. It had heavy gates at the entrance and nobody could get in without ringing a bell and stating his business to the porter at the gate.

The road called High Street looked different at that time. There was a wall going up the middle of the road dividing it into a high road and a low road, like the road up to the Cathedral. The entrance gate to the jail, and later to the hospital, was about halfway up the hill.

So when you go for a walk up High Street past the hospital, cast your thoughts back over two hundred years and imagine you are walking up the Jail Hill past the County Jail.

(Extract from Monaghan Images)

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