The Railway Station

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The G.N.R., Great Northern Railway, had a station in Monaghan. It was round the North Road, beside where the bus station and Lidl are now. The building looks much the same now on the outside, as it did when it was a station. The entrance was up the flight of steps in the middle.

When passengers went up the steps they came to the ticket office, on their right-hand side. The ticket office had a window, which the clerk opened when he was selling tickets to passengers. When the ticket was bought, the passenger walked on in until he met the man who checked the tickets. This man would punch a hole in the ticket and hand it back. After that you had permission to go on to the platform to wait for the train, or you could wait in the waiting room if the weather was cold.

The sound of the approaching train could be heard from quite a long distance. You could hear the loud hooting of the steam engine as it puffed its way under the Metal Bridge. Before the arrival of the train the signalman in the signalnox changed the signal to show that a train was coming. All was hustle and bustle on the platform. The passengers were straining their eyes to get the first glimpse of the engine. The porters were carrying cases and wheeling trolleys. The newsboys were busy fixing their newspapers, and sometimes the stationmaster himself would appear on the platform to meet the train.

With a screech of brakes and a clanking of metal the engine ground to a halt. Doors were flung open and travellers alighted. The people waiting soon took their seats, put up their cases on a rack and settled down in comfort for their journey.

Meanwhile the train-driver and firemen were not idle. The water and coal needed to be replenished in the engine. A big wide canvas hose was swung out to the engine and the boiler was refilled with water. Then the hose was swung back to its original position again. The firemen would refill the train with coal.

When all was ready, and the goods placed in the goods van, the guard would check to see if all was in order. Then he would blow his whistle and wave the green flag. The signalman would change the signal and the train, after snorting and clanking and puffing and blowing, would start to crawl out of the station to commence the next journey.

(Source:Monaghan Images)

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